Organisation helps the poor

Matthew Cigler.

This is why Cigler and his best friend, Darren Tobias started the Tac Initiative, a non-profit organisation aimed at helping the poor.

Cigler told the North Eastern Tribune that the idea came about when he and Tobias lost their mothers at a young age.

He said, “We understand the pain of losing a mother and wanted to make a difference in the lives of children from disadvantaged backgrounds.”

Cigler added that they hadn’t expected the campaign to intensify the way it did. “We started this as a small campaign on Facebook, calling on people to donate blankets and school shoes for children born in poverty-stricken families, and before we knew it, we were inundated with posts from people willing to either donate or spread the word,” he said.

Cigler said this initiative also partnered with organisations like the Houghton-based Coc, The Teddy Bear Clinic in Parktown, as well as Thuthuzela Orphanage in Alexandra.

The organisation has more than 3 000 likes on Facebook and according to Cigler, the number keeps growing daily.

Cigler, who works as a marketing executive for a Spanish company said his dream was to integrate charity and the corporate world. He said, “… In order to realise this dream, I have launched a competition for our company’s employees. The winner will get to donate their prize money to a charity organisation of their choice. This way, we are able to raise awareness in the corporate world about the harsh realities that the less privileged face on a daily basis.”

He added that together with his friend, they also offer charity organisations services such as marketing, social media as well as advertising consulting. “Non-profit organisations are welcome to contact us if they need help. Where possible, we will gladly help,” said Cigler.


Duenna Mambana
News Editor

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