UPDATE: WATCH – Xenophobic protests in Jeppestown

Scenes from Jeppes Town.

UPDATE: 18 April 2015, 8:30am – The chaos that took place in Jeppestown continued through the night last night, with police and protesters clashing in the volatile area.

It is believed that rubber bullets were fired and the protesters retaliated by throwing bottles and rocks at the police.

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While all the drama unfolded in Jeppestown, many shops were being looted in Alexandra.

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UPDATE: 8:30PM – Following the protest action in Jeppestown from earlier today, many of the foreigners from the area decided to pack up their bags and leave their homes in fear of being attacked.

It is being reported that fires are being lit outside the hostels and the police are firing rubber bullets into the crowd, while the protesters retaliate by throwing rocks at the police.

The police are also searching as many people as possible and advised members from the media to stay away from the highly volatile crowd.

Click here to read a heart breaking open letter written by an 11 year old foreigner.

View some tweets and pictures below. Scroll down to watch videos from earlier today, including a video of a police officer firing shots in to the crowd of protesters.


UPDATE: 12:47pm – The protesters have begun to throw rocks at police as well as journalists at the scene.

According to our journalist on-scene, the protests seem to be getting worse.

Motorists driving past are also being stoned.

It is believed that about 1km away from where the protests are taking place, an informal settlement with a large number of foreigners living there are beginning to mobilise and are planning to march to the protests.

Watch a video from a Nigerian foreign national below:  

 Click here to view all the dramatic footage from the protests taking place in Jeppetown.


UPDATE: 11:30am – Protesters have gathered in Jeppestown. Police are escorting journalists back to their vehicles.

According to one of the protesters, they are protesting against Nigerians and Zimbabweans being in the country.

The protester told our journalist at the scene, “This is our country. These foreigners are taking over our country. They are taking all of the jobs that are meant for us. They must all leave our country!”

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Watch the videos and view the pictures below:

UPDATE: 17 April 2015, 10:15am – According to twitter reports, it is believed that xenophobic crowds are chanting outside the hostel. Our


journalist is at the scene. Updates to follow.

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