DA submits written questions to MEC

Michael Sun who is Shadow MMC for Public Safety in the City of Johannesburg Municipality has posed questions to Councillor Sello Lemao in relation to Operation Ke Molao which focuses on the Johannesburg CBD.

More than seven months ago, Councillor Sello Lemao launched Operation Ke Molao, which was to help restore order in the CBD and other areas, announced a plan to rid the streets of beggars, pamphlet distributors and traders. Window washers were one of the most serious of the street problems, as many had become abusive and aggressive toward motorists.

Six unmarked BMWs, 33 marked BMWs, two marked trucks and 121 officers were deployed for this operation. The Johannesburg Metro Police Department, at that time, was supposed to purchase four more vehicles to transport the apprehended perpetrators.

Sun said, “Operation Ke Molao is yet another white elephant project that could have cost the residents millions of rand.”

Sun said that the window washers are still washing and pamphlets are still flying, and he can attest to this any day of the week. “My car has been washed by the window washers just about every time I stop at the traffic lights,” said Sun.

Sun said he believes Operation Ke Molao is unsustainable as the City had not addressed the core issue of unemployment.

When Sun asked the window washers about Operation Ke Molao, he was asked ‘What operation Ke Molao?’.

Sun questioned Metro police’s commitment and consistency in the operation. “[Metro police] must continue with the operation, but with the same level of enthusiasm and tenacity as seven months ago, in order to maintain law and order on our streets.”

Heidi Giokos

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