Massive search for missing Joburg businessman underway

Businessman Nazeer Mohammed has been missing since December 2012.

The search for businessman, Nazeer Mohammed, began on 2 February and is expected to continue until 4 February.

Mohammed was allegedly kidnapped from his used car dealership in Jules Street, Jeppestown, in December 2012.

Two vehicles that had been stolen from the car dealership on the day that Mohammed went missing, were recovered at the property previously. Traces of blood were found in both vehicles. According to IRS, it is believed that the blood has been tested and that it belonged to an animal, not a human.


Two men were arrested and found guilty of possession of stolen vehicles. The men have not been charged with anything related to the disappearance of Mohammed.

This is a developing story, more information will follow as it becomes available.



Nkululeko Zilibokwe

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