MUST READ: Heavily armed JMPD officers deliver EMS disciplinary letter

Sun, who is based in Houghton, stated how shocked he was when the incident was reported to him on 28 January.

“It was reported that on 28 January, five or more police vehicles loaded with heavily armed police officers arrived at the house of a Johannesburg Emergency Services Management (EMS) firefighter. The armed police officers apparently were accompanying EMS officials to deliver a disciplinary notice to a firefighter who was not at home at the time…,” read the statement.

The firefighter, whose identity is known to the DA but can’t be revealed for the protection of his family, complained that even his neighbours were shocked.

The statement alleged that the traumatised daughter was told by an armed police officer, who was apparently wearing a bulletproof vest, to sign for the document, despite her explaining that her father was not home.

The manner in which it was handled was unacceptable, and the number of police resources which were used to deliver a document with EMS, was unnecessary, it said in the statement.

The North Eastern Tribune contacted the spokesperson for EMS, Robert Mulaudzi, who said it was to avoid any possible altercations with the recipient. “Police and JMPD [Metro police] act as the mediator because of previous situations that have turned out rough, this is why EMS officials were accompanied,” said Mulaudzi.

However, Sun disagreed, “This is absolutely unnecessary and excessive for JMPD and EMS to put anyone through such an ordeal, instead, EMS could have just employed the services of the sheriff of the court to deliver the document for a small fee if EMS was unable to do it.”

Sun indicated that the devastated firefighter told him that he had to rush his daughter to a doctor for treatment as she was so traumatised by the ordeal.

“The firefighter is not a criminal and his child was not a threat to anybody, he is appalled that his employer and the police had to treat him and his family as dangerous criminals,” read the statement.

Metro police have been contacted, however, they were unable to provide comment at this stage.

Details: Sun 011 268 0988.

Heidi Giokos

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