Kidnapped teen speaks out after being found

The teen that went missing.

According to an article on News24, Molefe said, “Although I did not get food and water for four days, His grace was still enough for me.” Molefe’s mother, Lynley, said her daughter was returned unharmed and safe.

The young girl said her memory fails her when it comes to the exact details of what happened, however, she does remember that smoke was used to make her unconscious.

She was waiting outside her house on the morning of 9 February when an unknown vehicle with men inside grabbed her and forced her into the car.

Molefe told News24 that when her image went viral on social media, the men who kidnapped her wanted to move her from the original location as they were worried she had been recognised.

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“They wanted to move her to a different place, but she saw an opportunity and threw herself out of the car. She saved herself,” said Lynley.

Warrant Officer Moses Maphakela, the spokesperson for Bramley Police Station, said Molefe jumped out of the car and stopped an unknown vehicle. The driver immediately assisted her.

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