What every wine drinker needs to know


With over 9 000 wines on the market, selecting a wine can be a hassle for both seasoned wine drinkers and those developing a taste for it.

Sommelier Miguel Chan, explained that while it was confusing to select a wine, many people unnecessarily complicated things. “The most important thing about wine is that you enjoy it,” he said.

Chan explained that wine was personal and it was vital that people chose something that they absolutely love. “When drinking a wine always pick something that will lift the mood.”

Chan provided the following rules of thumb when selecting a wine:

  • Never use price as an indicator of quality
  • Opt to finish a bottle of wine within two days of opening it. Boxed wine usually lasts a bit longer, though
  • Pair your wine with the situation and what you are eating
  • Trust your own taste but also be willing to experiment
  • Trust the brand – pick wine from a brand that you trust.

Chan advised people to do their homework when selecting wine by making use of wine websites or apps that make it easy.

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