LETTER: More on trolley watch


Helen from Fairmount writes:

I would like to respond to your article about trolley pushers, 24-hour trolley watch, Week ending 20 January.

Before I lay my egg I would like to say that I thank the good Lord every day when I find these trolley pushers on the road, that I do not have to earn a living like that. On the other hand, they also do a valuable job regarding removing most unwanted stuff.

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I also travel to work very early in the morning and, especially in winter, they are an absolute danger on the road. I drive through Waverley where all the street lights are blanked out by the overhanging jacaranda trees and, suddenly, you [encounter] one of them, almost in the middle of the road.

For starters, we must understand that this homemade framework on wheels (however cleverly it has been designed from scrap) should be considered a vehicle. It is sometimes two metres wide and three metres in height and handled by a so-called driver. It has no flickers, brake lights or rear lights.

I also feel that they have no idea of the rules of the road as they will suddenly just cross the road in front of oncoming traffic. You can’t see this driver, just this vehicle moving in front of you. Is there no way that they can be taught how to use the road? They sometimes tow closely together with three or four in a row, and you cannot overtake them safely.

Perhaps some kind hardware shop can issue them with reflecting strips that can be attached to the back of their ‘vehicle’ and to their clothing to enable another driver to notice them.

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I have been wanting for a long time to write about this problem, but your article paved the way for me.

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