Bramley and Kew stakeholders meeting to rectify problems

Ward 81 councillor Irene Rugheimer, takes on the big task of eradicating some problems in Kew and Bramley.

A stakeholders meeting took place on 23 January at the Jabula Recreation Centre to discuss problems in Kew and Bramley.

Community members attended from each sector and a ward profile was created to file information for future use. Ward 81 councillor, Irene Rugheimer and the deputy director for planning, profiling and data management, Twisetso Mphenyeke, led the meeting.

Rugheimer said, “The meeting was from a business point of view and [aimed] to tackle some of the main issues they face.”

Crime was on the top of the agenda as was the creation of a business park.

“Closed factories were also discussed as this is creating a problem in the area where illegal dwellers hijack them and set up residence.”

Some of the community attended the meeting to share problems and discuss solutions.

“We want to work together in this community to tackle some major issues. It is a big feat, however, if we work together a solution can happen.”

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Jessica Knibbs [email protected]

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