Sydenham pool open for business

Many schools in the area use the Sydenham pool for swimming lessons.


Late last year, Sydenham pool closed its doors to members of the public.

This was due to a pump and leak that needed to be repaired and a solution found for the ever increasing bad behaviour of people using the facility and overcrowding.

Ward 72 councillor Steven Kruger said, “These pools were very popular with many, however, it was becoming a dangerous area with underage drinking taking place and loud music. A bureaucratic decision needed to be made about the future of the swimming pools.”

A decision was made by residents and the Sports and Recreation Department to appoint security company, Community Active Protection (CAP) to provide security and to curb bad behaviour at the facility. “The response has really been very good with CAP, they have been extremely co-operative with combating this problem,” said Kruger.

The Sydenham pool is open to the public again and may schools in the area are using it for their swimming lessons.

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Jessica Knibbs

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