Nkwanyane has your best interests at heart

Councillor Bongani Nkwanyane.

Starting early next month, proportional representation councillor Bongani Nkwanyane will visit wards to talk to communities and listen to their complaints.

“Most importantly, I will also visit government-owned institutions. So clinics, old-age homes and hostels will be receiving visits from me to check their living and working conditions,” he said.

Nkwanyane explained that after visiting each ward he would rope in the relevant members of the mayoral committees and other stakeholders to visit the people and see their problems, first-hand. His first visit will be to Ward 61.

“People will be able to speak to the relevant people and even get to explain their concerns to the right department. A community member must not be afraid to voice their complaints because the visit is aimed at understanding each and every ward’s problem.”

He stressed that it was a proportional representation councillor’s job to serve the community.

“I would ask the community to participate when I am visiting the wards and share information. That will be the only way we can change the conditions in these wards because, in most of them, the conditions are bad.”

Details: Bongani Nkwanyane 082 755 5584.

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Busi Vilakazi

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