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Reabetsoe Buys, a counselling psychologist at Monash South Africa, offered 10 key considerations to think about when choosing the right institution for tertiary study.

According to Buys, always consider the class size the institution offers, as well as the quality of lectures and learning support, as personal attention can positively affect the quality of your learning.

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“Consider whether or not the institution has established global links or networks that would allow you to learn from a global viewpoint, easily access international opportunities and become an active global citizen,” said Buys.

She advised those seeking to further their education to do their research to establish whether the institution offers an entrepreneurial viewpoint and allows them to learn skills that are imperative to a successful, entrepreneurial-minded career.

“Always keep in mind that it is worthwhile to study interdisciplinary degrees and programmes where flexible academic learning capabilities are offered. It is also important for the institution to offer social opportunities and experiences that allow you to engage with individuals of various nationalities, enhancing your cultural learning,” she said.

Another tip from Buys was to evaluate the institution’s graduate prospects to ensure eligibility to participate in internships to gain exposure to the working world. “Be sure to check that interactive community programmes are offered as these enhance leadership, project management and time management skills while making a difference in the community.

“It is important that the tertiary institution offers support services including counselling, academic support, skills development and support for students with special needs.”

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According to Buys, establish whether or not the institution can teach you the necessary knowledge and skills that can be applied in the workplace across a variety of organisational settings including corporate, government and non-profit sectors. “Lastly, ensure that, as a student, you will be provided with the appropriate tools to understand the issues affecting the business challenges of today. Upon completion of your course, you should be able to comprehend, critically evaluate and interpret the workings of global business, as well as do business in Africa.”

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