Man claims he was attacked by ‘Dagga Gang’

Dagga gang smash victims window.

As five suspected ‘Dagga Gang’ members languish in jail before their next court appearance, another man who claims he was attacked has come forward.

The man told the North Eastern Tribune, “I don’t go to work anymore because they called me on the phone, telling me they would kill me.”

He said the knife- and machete-wielding gang members had chased him, screaming, ‘We will kill you’.

“They came to attack me in Yeoville and I fought till I escaped. The following day they begged me not to open a case as they had no asylum [papers], so I forgave them,” said the victim.

He said they also attacked his brother in December last year while he was at work. “The next day I heard rumours that they were looking for me and that when they see me, they will kill me.”

He tried to make peace with them but was told to bring R3 000, dagga and beer, but he refused.

He alleged that his attackers are an offshoot of a gang known as the Kuluna in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Kuluna gang in the DRC is mainly made up of ex-child soldiers who were forced to participate in horrendous crimes that have left many of them psychologically damaged.

The victim said he did report the attack to the police.


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