Promoting businesses in ward 81

Ward 81 councillor Irene Rugheimer with members of the Business Forum strive for economic empowerment in Ward 81.

The Ward 81 Business Forum general meeting took place on 22 February to inform people about the forum and what it stands for.

The forum strives for the economic empowerment and development of all its members, and the objectives are to ensure they make a full and meaningful contribution to the lives of the people in Ward 81.

Key issues addressed were to promote participation by the youth, women and disabled persons of civil society in businesses and to create a conducive environment in Ward 81 so as to attract investment from local and foreign business enterprises.

Ward 81 councillor Irene Rugheimer said, “This was not a political forum, but rather a forum for all business people in Ward 81. We would like to see transparency in future projects within the ward, as it is felt that in the past people were not informed about projects and possible employment within the community.”

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The forum will assist all businesses that would like to appear on the City of Joburg’s database in order to be considered as sub-contractors for future projects.

It will be a platform to unearth talent, identify opportunities, formalise business structures and to inform business people of where they can obtain assistance to start up a new company.

The forum was established last year with Jacky Dikgale as chairman and Derick Sekete as deputy chair.

Rugheimer concluded, “The intention is to inform business people of policies and procedures to obtain work on projects and strengthen the business forum through workshops with City officials. We would like to see more people join us in the future.”

Details: Jacky Dikgale 071 068 1343; Derick 082 453 2747.

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