Meet the cast of Winnie the Pooh

The Peoples Theatre is performing Disney’s Winnie the Pooh, and the crew and cast’s hard work is soon to be seen on stage.

Some very experienced actors and not-so-experienced ones have teamed-up to bring together an exciting production for children and their parents.

“I grew up watching Winnie the Pooh, so to bring this to life is a true privilege. It’s amazing to think this story is still so relevant in today’s society. With Winnie the Pooh, there are all the hidden nuances and social commentary and parents need to instil some of these values in their children. Parents need to see it just to have a wake-up call in terms of the way society is moving at the moment,” explained the seasoned actor who is playing the role of Eeyore the donkey, Gregg Pettigrew.

FRIENDS: Piglet and Rabbit are true friends.

The very young Ben Wefelmeier will be performing in his eighth production, playing the role of Christopher Robin and is keen to take on the character, and learn and perform as a professional. “I’m excited that I get to learn from experienced actors and actresses,” he said.

Carmen Tromp, who plays mommy Kanga, looks forward to challenging herself in a role that she, as a person, has no experience with, yet. “I’m 24 and I’m far from being a mother, but I’m a very compassionate person so that came through in the role,” she said.

MOTHERLY LOVE: Roo and Kanga enjoy life in the woods.

Talking about working with children, Thokozani Jiyani, who plays the roles of Tigger and Owl said, “Winnie the Pooh has a different feeling. I have a child-like feel because it’s unleashed the child in me. At the same time, I’ve worked with kids before and kids take from you as an adult – so if you take your work seriously, so do they.”

Brad Nowikow, who plays Piglet, has taken his craft to the next level by exploring the timid and anxious character and discovering parts of himself in the process. “We’re always afraid of something – I mean, this is my second stage performance, ever, so this was scary for me but the process has been intimidating and fun and I’ve learnt a lot.”

MAD BUNNY: Rabbit retreats to his hole.

In a bid to encourage children to participate in theatre, Jaydene Marais said, “I’ve been doing theatre since I was in Grade 3 and I did high school through correspondence while working here at the theatre. It really helped my marks because my brain was able to work in such a creative way and because everything in me was constantly active.”

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MISCHIEF: Tigger brings fun and mischief to the show.

Andile Magxaki, who plays the part of Pooh Bear concluded, “They can expect lots of fun and mischief – it’s going to be heaps of fun for everyone.”

Catch the exciting season of Disney’s Winnie the Pooh, which kicks off on 10 March.

Details: 011 403 1563; [email protected]

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