WARNING: Police call for vigilance after fake blue light gang target Norwood

The Norwood Police are calling on all residents to remain vigilant against blue light impersonators.

The Norwood police are calling on residents to remain vigilant as criminals using flashing blue police lights on their vehicles to stop victims in the policing precinct is on the rise.

The spokesperson for Norwood Police Station Elliot Tshivhase said, “The most recent incident took place in Houghton when a dark blue Mercedes-Benz was hijacked by criminals posing as police using blue lights on Glenhove Drive.

“The complainant alleged that he was followed by a Ford Fiesta and stopped. When he stopped, two armed suspects came up to his window, one showed him a fake police ID while another ordered the victim out of the car while pointing a firearm at him.”

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The criminals drove off with the Mercedes-Benz which was valued at R2 million. They made away with US$2 000 (about R26 000) in cash and other electronics such as iPhones and laptops. Tshivhase added that the car was later recovered in Pretoria.

“I’m calling on the community to please remain vigilant. If you are a victim of any of these crimes, please take down the licence plate number or contact the closest police station. There have been many cases reported to the Norwood police with no clear information to follow up on.”

He added that police cars in the area are marked. If motorists suspect they are being followed, they should go straight to the nearest police station for safety.

Details: 011 483 4609.

By Andrei van Wyk

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