Rosebank paint specialist gives tips for DIY homeowners

Any able dad or a housewife can paint a room and get professional results by working efficiently and neatly, with careful preparation.

The way you apply your paint is just as important as the colour itself, and interior painting, according to paint specialist Miguel Lisdoa of Dulux in Rosebank, is by far the most popular do-it-yourself (DIY) home improvement activity.

A paint job requires appropriate preparation such as scraping the wall first and filling the holes and cracks.

DIY homeowners are advised to use canvas drop cloths for their floors while they are painting interio

r walls as they are durable and rip-resistant.

Lisdoa told Northern Eastern Tribune that canvas was the most recommended method to prevent dripping of paint on the floor.

“With plastic sheets, you’ll have a challenge if you drip paint because it does not dry easily and can mess up your floor.

“Canvase, on the other hand, absorbs paint quickly making it easy to dry fast and even last a lifetime,” said Lisdoa.

For very high walls, Lisdoa said telescopic extension poles could be used because a painter did not have to climb a ladder and in so doing, avoid falling off and injuring oneself.

“Then when you are done painting for the day but still have more painting to do tomorrow, you don’t have to clean your paintbrushes and paint-roller sleeves.

“Instead, tightly wrap them in plastic food wrap and place them in a closed container to seal out any air and ensure that the paint doesn’t dry on the brushes,” he added.

Thabo Jobo

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