Anti-Racism Week: 7 things you can do to reduce racism

Don’t assume anything

Watch the video below.

Do you assume that all black people like chicken; or that white people can’t dance; or that all Asians are good at maths? Stereotypes hurt everyone. Examine what your prejudices are. See people as individuals.

Focus on the things you have in common

Get to know people who come from different backgrounds to yours. Focus on the things you have in common and celebrate the differences. We can learn from and appreciate each other.

Get to know other people’s cultures

Learning about other people and their value systems greatly enriches our lives.

Think before you speak

Watch the video below.

Don’t laugh at racist, sexist, ageist, homophobic and other stereotypical jokes

Don’t keep quiet about it. You can calmly and kindly say: “I don’t find that funny.”

Be a role model

Speak out against discriminatory views and practices. Don’t criticise, but help educate others about issues and about your own experiences.

Be a proactive parent

Expose your children to diversity at a young age. Debunk stereotypes in TV shows, movies or books. Children are not born with prejudices and biases.

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