Car jamming on the rise again


Remote jamming has become a countrywide problem with vehicles parked on public road parking spots, garage forecourts and in shopping centre and school parking lots being targeted.

These crimes can, however, be combated if members of the public and security personnel take simple precautions.

Read VIDEO: Car Jamming on Sandton Drive

“Community Policing Forum crime data shows that there has been a sharp increase in theft of items from motor vehicles. In some cases, windows have been broken to access valuables lying inside the car, but in most cases, a remote jamming device was used,” said Jason Mordecai, chief operating officer at 7Arrows Security.

“The first rule for motorists is not to leave visible valuables in the car. If you must leave handbags and electronics in the vehicle, then lock them in the boot of the vehicle. Once you have locked your vehicle, give the handle a tug in order to physically test that the doors are locked. It is not good enough to listen for the ‘locked’ alarm that most modern vehicles make,” added Mordecai.

He said that venues should consider installing remote jamming detectors which warn when a device is being used. Security officers should also monitor groups of people who sit in vehicles and then approach other vehicles.

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