Norwood police made a series of arrests for crimes such as drunk driving and drug dealing

Spokesperson for the Norwood Police Station, Captain Elliot Tshivhase.

The Norwood police made 28 arrests between 3 and 10 March.

Spokesperson for the Norwood Police Station, Captain Elliot Tshivhase said crimes ranged from housebreaking to the possession of stolen property and urged the community to remain aware of their surroundings and help the police to make more arrests.

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The arrests were as follows:

  • 2 illegal immigrants
  • 2 for common assault
  • 1 for shoplifting
  • 1 for assault with the intent to cause grievous bodily harm
  • 2 for possession of a suspected stolen vehicle
  • 2 for theft
  • 2 for possession of stolen property
  • 1 for malicious damage to property
  • 1 for dealing in illegal substances
  • 2 for housebreaking and theft
  • 1 for possession of drugs
  • 11 for driving under the influence.

Details: 011 483 4609

By Andrei van Wyk

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