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Songs have been written for centuries about every topic imaginable, however, the most popular remains the love song.

A romantic at heart, Christian Heath has always had a knack for writing swooning love ballads to set hearts alight. His latest release, Paradise, is no different and perhaps his steamiest track yet. The song follows previously released hits, I’m Yours and No Good For You, which successfully put the singer-songwriter back on the map after a short hiatus, launching his much longed-for solo career.

Heath has recorded singles in Hollywood, California, previously with his band and his music has aired on Jacaranda, 94.7, East Coast Radio and Tuks FM, to name a few.

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Now a father of a little boy, with another one on the way, Heath is a committed and loving husband and would do anything for his family. With his latest track, Paradise, the Johannesburg-based muso wanted to create something a little more personal, more authentic and something that would appeal to the majority of the population through its simple yet honest lyrics.

Written with Howie Combrink and Sevven, the track explores the universal theme of love and is sure to leave you feeling exhilarated. Heath added, “I initially approached Howie and Sevven with just the verse; it was a simple love song but I felt the verse had much potential.

“The guys jumped on the bandwagon immediately and within a few hours the song was written and put together. Paradise is about that perfect person and how no one else matters or can even come close to them in any possible way.”

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