Sandringham Bowling Club’s greens are being levelled for soccer field

The Sandringham Bowling Club's greens are being levelled to make way for a soccer field.

The activity of levelling part of the Sandringham Bowling Club’s greens is not a construction project but they are making way for a new soccer field.

This is according to Ward 72 councillor Steven Kruger after residents contacted North Eastern Tribune to find out what was happening.

In his reply to the paper on 13 March, Kruger said they recently signed a user agreement with Jacoba Academy and they will be running soccer there as well as classes after school.

He said they have an agreement to use the bowling greens and part of the building and they will convert the bowling greens to a single field for soccer.

According to the councillor, the premises have been vacant for many years were managed by the Johannesburg Property Company.

“In 2016 the property was handed over to the Department of Sports and Recreation to manage it in conjunction with Jabula Recreation Centre. The grounds were totally overgrown and have now been cut and cleaned up by Jacoba Academy and they will also fix part of the building that has been badly vandalised,” said Kruger.

Levelling the bowling greens into a single field is probably what people may have mistaken for construction, he said.

The department is trying to get a budget approved to fence the property and further fix the buildings. Kruger said that, hopefully, next year regular improvements will be seen at the site.

“In the near future the biggest benefit to the community will be that the property will be maintained and upgraded, and children will have a venue to play soccer. If anyone feels that they have been inconvenienced by the improvements, it needs to be kept in mind that [previously] many complaints were received due to the fact that the premises were overgrown and not maintained,” said Kruger.

“As long as the conditions of the user agreement are met, there should be an improvement in the area.”

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By Thabo Jobo

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