Tekkie Tax is back and hopes for double figures this year

Tekkie Tax will be taking place on 26 May, with this year’s slogan, Bead-up-your-step.

Tekkie Tax is a national fundraising project which was started in 2013, and has taken South Africa by storm. It unites 12 national welfare organisations under the slogan ‘Together we can achieve more than our individual efforts combined’.

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Last year, the campaign raised R8.4 million and the total over the past four years is R22 million. This raises the bar in terms of how NGOs are run in the country.

Tekkie Tax urges members of the public to purchase a R10 sticker. There are a number of sectors to choose from that support either animal, children, disability or education organisations, as well as Bring Hope. Tickets can be purchased at any Clicks, ToysRus or participating non-profit organisations.

Founder, Annelise de Jager said, “Tekkie Tax is now firmly part of the South African calendar. It is a campaign where good governance is in place and each cent donated can be accounted for. This is the way that fundraising should be done, adding value to the lives of people and animals while having loads of fun.”

Details: 012 663 8181; email tekkietax@mweb.co.za; www.tekkietax.co.za

Which is the organisation closest to your heart that you will be donating to? Tell us on WhatsApp 079 439 5345.

Jessica Knibbs

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