Bez Valley victim shares his plight, while the ‘Dagga Gang’ court case at Jeppe Magistrates’ Court is postponed again

A victim shows his scars after he was assaulted, allegedly by the 'Dagga Gang'.


A victim who suffered serious injuries after he was viciously attacked, allegedly by the ‘Dagga Gang’ that terrorised Bez Valley, Norwood and nearby suburbs, said he has been left with permanent scars.

The victim, whose name is known to North Eastern Tribune, said he cannot find employment anymore because his hand is permanently injured. He was attacked and injured on 10 January while standing outside his home in Bez Valley.

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Sharing his story, the victim said he was having a smoke outside when a minibus full of men stopped next to him. The men suddenly jumped out and started attacking him. “They had pangas and other dangerous objects and they assaulted me until I managed to escape but after a short distance, I fell down.

“While I was lying on the ground I saw a guy I know a short distance away and I then phoned him. He helped me and rushed me to the hospital.”

Now, he said, one of his hands is so badly injured that it doesn’t function normally any longer. He has scars on his body, his head and even below his buttocks.

“Before the incident, I would do some piece jobs as a security guard or do ordinary handyman jobs in the community but now I can’t because my hand is badly damaged, he explained.

The victim lives with his girlfriend in Bez Valley and his child lives in Soweto. “I can’t even support them because I can no longer find a job or even do odd jobs like I used to do.

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“This has really affected me, and my family is suffering because I can’t manage to raise funds to buy things that we need in the house,” he said.

Five suspects were arrested in connection with the attack and appeared in the Jeppe Magistrates’ Court on 24 March. Magistrate Willem Britz postponed the case until 18 May.


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