Enough is enough – protesters say Zuma must go


“We are not here to fight the ANC or dictate to them on how to run their internal affairs but Zuma must be fired from his office.”

These were the words of Shasha Letlhake who participated in the anti-Zuma protest organised by the DA in Joburg on 7 April.

She shared that she has fears that if Zuma is allowed to continue running the country, South Africa will soon turn into a Zimbabwe. “Rating agencies have downgraded us to junk status already, this does not look good for the economy and this happened because of poor decisions made by Zuma. Why did he reshuffle the cabinet? Why did he fire Pravin Gordhan?” asked Letlhake, adding that Zuma is running the country like he is running his household.

Meghan Toddun, with Craig Adamson and Kirsty Forssman at the anti-Zuma march at Mary Fitzgerald Square in Newtown on 7 April. The march was organised by the DA.

“He doesn’t even look at the consequences of his decisions,” said Letlhake. She mentioned that participating in the march was her way of ensuring that she secures a good future for her children in the country. “I don’t want to see them living all over the world because of unbearable living conditions brought to them by Zuma.”

Shasha Lethake (in the blue hat) said President Jacob Zuma has done a lot of damage to the country’s economy. With her are other protesters who participated in the anti-Zuma march on 7 April.

For Craig Adamson, participating in the march was more about exercising his duty as a responsible citizen. He said it was his way to express his anger and dissatisfaction with the manner in which Zuma has been doing things in the country. “We need to speak out against what is wrong and stand for what is in the best interest of our country,” Adamson said, adding that the march proved that South Africans can achieve more if they stand with one voice.

Fire Zuma! The message of these DA supporters is clear.

Another protester, Meghan Toddun said she wanted to go down in history as being among those who stood up against Zuma’s wrongdoings. She added that Zuma has done enough damage in the country and hoped that this march will send a strong message to the president and he will vacate his office when he sees that many South Africans are against what he has been doing to the country. She added that greed has made Zuma forget about the needs of ordinary citizens.

Protesters with placards that carry strong messages against Zuma.

Kirsty Forsmann shared that the day was quite an experience for her, as she was participating in a protest for the first time in her life. But what really pushed her to participate? “The deteriorating state of affairs made me realise that I need to stand up and do something because I want to see change in our country and I believe that my participation in this protest will bring the change that I want to see.” She concluded by saying that the protest will send a strong, united message to Zuma.

Protester, Allan Hawley said Zuma’s soul has been poisoned by greed.

For Allan Hawley, the love and unity that he witnessed at the protest should go beyond the anti-Zuma protest. “As South Africans, we need to continue fighting in the same spirit all other ills and challenges that we face daily.”

Thousands join the DA protest, calling on Zuma to resign.

Edited by Ingrid Pepler

Belinda Pheto

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