Resident thanks Caxton for helping with street lights in Highlands North

Street lights in 7th Avenue in Highlands North are now functioning properly.

Jenny Biggs, a resident of 7th Avenue in Highlands North has expressed her sincere gratitude to North Eastern Tribune for the work done in ensuring that the street lights function properly.

Biggs raised the alarm on 20 March and informed this paper that since last year the street lights were not switching off in the day, with the paper then launching an investigation.

North Eastern Tribune contacted City of Joburg’s power utility, City Power, to investigate the concern.

According to City Power, the street lights were part of the infrastructure which was vandalised and the parastatal immediately prioritised them.

City Power said the street lights across Joburg are fitted with daylight switches or photocells which switch the lights off during the day and turn them on when it becomes dark.

The street lights on 7th Avenue were discovered to have been tampered with and new installations were done, this according to City Power’s spokesperson, Hloni Motloung.

“The daylight switches were deliberately damaged leading to the lights illuminating throughout the day and night. The lights are now being monitored and fixed as we continue to identify and fix those which are not functioning properly,” Motloung said.

Biggs thanked the paper and City Power for reacting to their concern and ensuring that their lights were working properly.

“I’m really grateful for the story that you did with our street lights. Our street lights are now functioning accordingly and we are happy. I tried to contact City Power as well to thank them but the 0860 562 874 number published on your paper rings without any response, however, we equally appreciate their efforts,” Biggs concluded.

Edited Stacey Woensdregt

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