Family Life Centre and Budding Minds work together for the greater good

Photo: Stacey Cohen and Claire du Toit from Budding Minds


Budding Minds and the Family Life Centre have partnered up in the hope to build an even stronger foundation for families in the community.

The Family Life Centre (FLC) is affiliated to the umbrella body Families South Africa (FAMSA), which has 27 affiliates throughout the country.

As a nonprofit organisation, FLC exists to make a difference in the lives of as many people possible. The organisation provides various different services that address family needs, ranging from “preparing to get married through to skills training for parents and youth services,” FLC said in a statement.

“If the family decides to break up, our legally trained mediation department assists with negotiation in the best interest of the children.”

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FLC has the vision to become a one-stop place for all family requirements. Stacey Cohen and Claire du Toit of Budding Minds are two highly skilled psychologists who are bringing their expertise on board in this new partnership. “We want our clients, be it children, teenagers or parents, to function at their best potential. We believe that growth is inevitable for any human being, however, sometimes one’s environment is not conducive for growth to occur. That is where we come in, aiming to help and facilitate growth for our clients in whatever the form it may be in,” said Cohen.

Cohen holds a Masters Degree in Educational Psychology and has done extensive research on the topic of ADHD and how it affects siblings and family in general.

“We believe that our partnership will build an even stronger foundation where families can feel supported and equipped. Our partnership will allow us to broaden our influence in the community, by expanding the services that The Family Life Centre offers,” said Du Toit from Budding Minds. Du Toit, who also has a Masters Degree in Psychology, says she aspires to empower children and adolescents to achieve their unique potential and to flourish on an emotional, behavioural and academic level.

This partnership between the two organisations will allow for both parties to further their reach and services in the various communities that they are involved in respectively.

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