Willy Mason heads to SA to perform with locals

A New York-based singer and songwriter is South Africa-bound and keen to play some music with the locals.

“Arranging one of my songs for a Bulgarian choir, putting together a music book for my students, learning to programme an FM synthesizer, writing songs, and practicing for my visit,” are on Willy Mason’s to do list, ahead of his visit to South Africa, during which he will perform with some local talent.

Not his first time in the country, the musician said, “Yes [I have performed in South Africa before] and I had a wonderful time. The audiences and musicians were both inspiring.”

As a creator of a unique brand of folk, blues and country music, the singer and songwriter is able to perform with many different people who make different styles of music – one of whom includes Nakhane Toure from Johannesburg

Toure’s debut album Brave Confusion owes as much to traditional African music as it does to recent alternative music and 60s soul. His artistic influences stem from his idol Ali Farka Touré, but he is as likely to cite Morrissey, Nina Simone, Black Flag, TKZee or Radiohead as influences; and he’ll as often pluck the strings of an acoustic guitar as play electric rock riffs or slinky, Prince-style funk.

With the two musically diverse talents teaming up for a Johannesburg performance, it is bound to be an exciting show and hopefully will evoke as many positive emotions in the audiences as performances in the past.

Mason said, “I had some heart-warming experiences meeting and hearing of people who had been moved by my music [in South Africa]. I was not even aware that I was known in South Africa. What an amazing thing, that a song can have a life of its own.”

With unheard work up his sleeve, Mason is eager to present some of his music to his fans.

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