Norwood Primary School principal seeks strong policing for children’s safety

Norwood Primary School principal, Africa Hlongwane.


Norwood Primary School principal, Africa Hlongwane has called for strong policing interventions to ensure a safe environment for the children and teachers.

This follows an incident that recently occurred where an educator from the school was robbed at gunpoint on the way home from school.

Hlongwane said there is a need to beef up security at the school as well as in the surrounding areas fearing for the loss of life.

Even though they have a security company that provides security services to the school, Hlongwane said it is not enough.

“We need police visibility around the clock to ensure our children and staff are safe all the time. We don’t want to wait until a life is lost but we need adequate security in the vicinity of the school,” said the principal.

“We need to act rather than to react,” said Hlongwane adding that these things don’t need to happen under our watch.

He said for them to ensure quality education for the children there is a need for an adequate and safe environment for all and added that the future of the children at Norwood Primary School relies on a safe environment so that the children can prosper.

Norwood Community Policing Forum (NCPF) chairperson, Wandile Yani promised to engage with the Norwood police and Hlongwane to find an amicable solution to the problem.

A request was also made by Hlongwane to potential donors to help fence the school saying the current fence is old since the school was established more than 100 years ago.

Details: Norwood Primary School 011 728 7181.

Edited by Beryl Knipe

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