Wedge Garden’s social workers begin work at the Hillbrow Theatre

Karen Griessel, Lizette Treurnich and Rhulani Khosa at the Hillbrow Theatre.


Social workers from Rand Aid’s Wedge Gardens Treatment Centre, Karen Griessel, Lizette Treurnich and Rhulani Khosa, attended the opening of a new counselling and migrant support centre at the Hillbrow Theatre on 5 May.

Griessel said, “The new counselling centre will assist in development, debriefing, group work, awareness and migrant support for those at risk. Also offered is a pre-rehab intervention which is where our relationship stems from as we often have referrals from the Hillbrow outreach project for our three-month treatment programme for substance or alcohol abuse.”

Upon arrival, the counsellors were treated to a performance called, Isaro directed by Gcebile Dlamini, under the far-reaching Hillbrow Theatre Project that offers after-school performance arts programmes to children and youth who live in or attend school in Hillbrow.

The performance helped them build confidence to work through the challenges they have to face on a daily basis, such as xenophobia, exploitation, drug abuse and violence, to name a few, highlighting the plight of xenophobia by taking the audience back to the Rwandan genocide. The young and passionate cast has won numerous awards. “We were then given historical facts about the site and went on a tour of the facilities,” added Griessel.


Edited by Beryl Knipe

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By Andrei van Wyk

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