MUST READ: Residents on edge as perpetrator is possibly still in the neighbourhood

Photo: Pixabay Police are urging residents with any information on the suspect to call 011 445 4113.


The elderly resident from Savoy Estate is traumatised after a man who is regularly seen in the neighbourhood allegedly robbed her in her home.

Mrs Elizabeth Wilson, who is in her mid-eighties, said that she got the shock of her life when she had a knife held to her throat and given the option to either give up her money and jewellery or prepare to be slain. Wilson says that she was sitting on her porch, just like any other day, and then went inside to make some coffee. On her way back, a man appeared from behind the door and held her up with a knife.

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The man demanded money and threatened to kill her. “He tried to strangle me with first his left and then his right hand. I led him to the bedroom where I showed him my bag. I had about R700; he took it and then threw everything else on the floor.”

Wilson said the man had a Coke and an apple which, she said, clearly shows he had been to her kitchen.

“That’s when I realised he must have entered the house while I walked to and from the kitchen for coffee or to use the bathroom. He must have been in my garden watching me for a while, planning how and when he would enter the house. I’m guessing while I was busy in the kitchen he slipped in and hid behind the door and on my way back he jumped out.”

Wilson also said the man was quite physical with her and for the most part very unpredictable and unstable.

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“He looked at my hands, saw I had a gold ring on one of my fingers on each hand. One of those rings belongs to my late husband. He took them.”

After the man fled the premises, Wilson immediately called the security company and the patrol car arrived within minutes. The police responded quickly after they were notified and an ambulance also arrived.

“My neighbour from across the road came over while I was getting minor check-ups done in the ambulance. He showed me a picture on his cell phone and asked, ‘Do you know this guy’? To my shock, it was the same guy who had robbed me!”

It turns out this was not an isolated incident. One or two other neighbours have apparently also had encounters with the same guy.

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Wilson said the man was wearing the same black shorts and black Orlando Pirates sports shirt with a red Vodacom logo he had on in the photo taken by her neighbour. Wilson also said she noticed blood on his face when he was on top of her, strangling her and so when people see him now he might have a scar on his forehead because he cut himself while climbing over the barbed-wired wall.

If you suspect irregular activity or have a tip on the man in question, call the Bramley Police Station on 011 445 4113.

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