Dagga Gang now charged with attempted murder, case move to Regional Court

The case against the five alleged members of the ‘Dagga Gang’ has been transferred from Jeppe Magistrates’ Court to the Johannesburg Regional Court.

The five appeared briefly before Magistrate Willem Britz on 18 May facing charges of assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm.

One of the victims, whose name is known to the North Eastern Tribune, and who bears scars from a vicious attack, was also in court.

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The five, Doris Mujadi, Boris Mulopwa, Mbuyi Alongolongo, Salumu Lutumba and Dikuta Maxi, are accused of terrorising residents in Yeoville, Bez Valley and Bertrams, and assaulting victims with pangas and other weapons.

Their case was earlier delayed as there was no interpreter. The adjournment gave legal teams time to deliberate the matter, resulting in a decision to escalate the case.

The State requested that the case be transferred to the regional court.

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“They are now charged with attempted murder,” Britz told the North Eastern Tribune.

The prosecutor said that if the matter is heard in Jeppe Magistrates’ Court and they are found guilty, they might only get a direct sentence of three years, but if it is heard in the regional court, they could get a sentence of 15 years or more.

Details: Jeppe Magistrate Court 011 618 4516

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Thabo Jobo

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