St John’s win big at debating competition

Stefan Massyn, Lula Grant, Eric Kazadi and Katya Broomberg with their trophies after winning the Atheneum Debating League competition.

St John’s College had five teams in the Atheneum Debating League regional debating competition.

The school had two teams in the junior competition and three teams in the senior competition. Spokesperson for the college Jacqui Deeks said the two junior teams found themselves in the unfortunate position of going head-to-head in the quarter-finals.

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Deeks added, “This left our remaining junior team in the competition. This team successfully negotiated the semi-finals, thus earning a place in the final debate of the competition completion. Here our boys came up against a very polished and more experienced team from King David Victory Park, who were ultimately adjudged to have won the debate.”

The second placed junior team was made up of Sazi Bongwe, Dylan Brugman, Joseph Goldblatt and Eli Osei. Special recognition was given to Goldblatt who was named the third best speaker in the junior competition.

The college was represented by three teams in the last eight of the senior competition. One of the teams made it to the senior final competition against Kind David Victory Park. The team made up of Katya Broomberg, Lula-Pam Grant, Stefan Massyn and Erik Kazadi emerged victoriously.

Deeks said, “Speaking in a well-populated auditorium in front of a panel of seven adjudicators, our team opposed the motion that Muslim people in Europe should desist from practising their religion openly.

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“The icing on the proverbial cake was that all four of our debaters were named among the top seven speakers in the competition, and for good measure, Katya Broomberg walked away with the laurels as the best speaker in the competition.”


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By Andrei van Wyk

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