Norwood Primary School tackles bullying in school with help from police officers

Norwood Primary School and Norwood police hope to reduce bullying in school.


Norwood Primary School, in partnership with Norwood police officers, will host an anti-bullying talk at the school on 20 June to create awareness about the negative affects of bullying.

Principal Afrika Hlongwane, said the school wanted to sensitise children to the effects of bullying and to encourage victims to report incidents. He said this was the first time the school had hosted the talk and hopes it will yield good results.

“We want to encourage victims to report bullies to their teachers, parents or anyone they feel comfortable talking to about their situation. As for the perpetrators, this [talk] serves to tell them that when you’re a bully, the hole is closing in on you and you’ll face severe punishment,” said Hlongwane.

“The consequences of being bullied and those of bullying others are very severe if left unattended.”

Various topics will be discussed on the day and there will be a demonstration teaching children how to report bullying and what solutions can be sought.

“The children will be issued with a toll-free number that they can use to report bullying and they can also remain anonymous when reporting it if they wish. We hope the talk will bear fruit and will be piloted at neighbouring schools.”

As part of the school’s ongoing relationship with the Norwood Community Policing Forum, the talk will be held each term.

Edited by Stacey Woensdregt

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