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Rhema Socika, also known as iindirhe, is an alternative R&B and hip-hop artist looking to make a name for herself in the music industry.

The ‘vibe goddess’, as she is often referred to, is one of a special breed of artists in South Africa – she is a rapper, singer, songwriter and all-round creative.

“My love for music stems from the age of nine when my older brother realised I had a unique vocal ability and encouraged me to join the school choir,” she said. “My father and older brother being true lovers of the hip-hop culture and genre itself can be noted as the main influences of my unique style and form of expression.”

Years later, more mature, in control and a fully-fledged creative being, she is finally working on her debut project, GLTTR EP.

“It is a short compilation that reflects many elements of myself as an artist such as my personal journey and hardships as an independent artist in South Africa as well as my growing into my femininity and dealing with emotions and relationships.”

The project boasts no features but instead, Socika takes you on a journey by introducing her different characters that come alive throughout the EP.

She has kept her loyal fans up to date with the progress of the project via her intriguing Tumblr account. There she has also shared various photos of her alter-ego, Lady Late Nights.

“Her beauty is damning and some believe she is a myth, some kind of urban legend. She is real and her knowing that gives her that much more power,” she said about her alter-ego.

Lady Late Nights is also the title track of her EP.

“The song is an ode to the artistic power of a woman, the power that a woman obtains when she recognises that all she embodies is beautiful and magical.”

As co-producer, she makes use of her ability to fuse her unique voice with the production, almost as if she is using her voice as an instrument – one of the reasons why she is described as a vibe goddess.

“I hope this EP will be a progressive tool to reach more listeners and spread light to more people as I believe through true creativity I can challenge the status quo and progress the culture.”

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Sizwe Shabalala

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