The St John’s Lit Quiz winners

Joshua Bruwer, Khelan Desai, Hongjae Noh, teacher Nicky Sulter and Sahaj Mooji.

St John’s Preparatory pupils were crowned world champions in Kids’ Lit Quiz for 2017.

Jacqui Deeks, spokesperson for the school, said, “The Kids’ Lit Quiz is an annual literature quiz for pupils between the ages of 10 and 13 years old. National quizzes are held in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the USA with regional heats held in the centres.”

South Africa’s winner in the national round was St John’s Preparatory. The national final was held at Roedean School in March and saw the St John’s Preparatory beating 36 teams in total to win for the second year running.

Deeks said, “In this heat, the prep boys were up against 10 teams. They had to get through five rounds of questions with each markedly more difficult than the previous round. Buzzers were used, adding to the competitive edge. If a team buzzed and answered incorrectly, the team lost a point and was not allowed to re-answer that question. Runners-up to St John’s in the final were HeronBridge College and Manor Gardens from Durban.”

Following their impressive national competition win, Khelan Desai, Sahaj Mooji, Hongjae Noh and Joshua Bruwer jetted off to Toronto, Canada to take part in the world championship on 3 July.

After leading the competition from rounds one to 10, the four boys were crowned world champions for 2017.

Deeks added, “The fact that these boys have reached this incredibly high standard, in a world where rumblings about reading taking a back seat to technology, and where boys are traditionally seen as more disinterested in reading than girls, is a refreshing and welcome repudiation of these perceptions.”

Headmaster of the school Patrick Lees said, “Reading at St John’s is probably the most important aspect of the boys’ education. Right from Grade 0 the boys adopt an adapted version of the Dr Seuss saying, ‘Read, read, read, the more you read, the more you know, the more you know, the more you grow’.”

Lees added, “Every boy up to Grade 7 knows this off by heart. Reading gives a child so much, it assists self-improvement, understanding, communication and develops imagination and creativity. It improves verbal ability, focus and concentration, memory and it is relaxing and entertaining. Everyone should read and once you’re hooked, you’re hooked for life.”

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By Andrei van Wyk

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