Department of Basic Education changes pass requirements

Photo: File Department of Basic Education says it looks to amend the promotion mark for the senior phase.

High school children in the senior phase, which is from Grade 10, could soon see changes to the minimum pass requirements.

The Department of Basic Education will embark on a broad consultation process with educationists, assessment experts, higher education institutions, parents and members of the public, on the amendments to the foundation, intermediate and senior phase promotion requirements.

The department proposes schoolchildren to:

  • Pass four subjects at 40 per cent, one of which is a home language
  • Pass any other four subjects at 30 per cent
  • Mathematics removed as a compulsory promotion requirement.

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This comes after those who passed all other subjects, but failed mathematics with at least 20 per cent, were accepted and passed the examination as a whole, a decision made by the department last year.

Now, the department said it has considered the negative impact of the compulsory pass requirement of mathematics at 40 per cent and language (home language), at 50 per cent. It is considering amending the current policy and regulations.

At this point, it said, this is an issue of internal discussion and broader public consultation.

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