#ICYMI: Rugheimer addressed latest protest against Organic Market

Residents barricade the road with burning tyres. Photo: Alex FM Facebook page.


Ward 81 councillor Irene Rugheimer said she has addressed the Bramley View residents on 14 July following a mass protest in the area.

Residents staged a protest to get the City of Joburg to remove the informal settlement situated adjacent to their homes.

Rugheimer said protesters want the shacks removed as they believe it is devaluing their properties.

They insist that the City supply these people with RDP housing, she said.

“It is not that simple. I addressed them today explaining that the City is working on supplying better living conditions for the displaced people of Johannesburg.

“But we can’t do this overnight as the City does not have the land. The Mayor and his Executive Committee are working on this,” she said.

“These people believe I don’t care, but that is not so,” said Rugheimer.

“I’m continually engaging with various entities, as are many other councillors – including those in Alex – to try and find a solution,” concluded Rugheimer.

Initial report:

A number of residents from Alex, Bramley View and Lombardy West barricaded Canning Road in Bramley View with burning tyres and rocks on 14 July.

According to Metro police spokesperson Wayne Minnaar, the residents were complaining about high rates of crime in the area. Minnaar said that Metro police were still monitoring London Road and Canning Road.

Other reports suggest that residents were protesting to get the shacks built at Lapeng removed.

Ward 81 councillor, Irene Rugheimer is yet to comment.

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Andrei van Wyk

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