Bramley house robber arrested

A suspected house robber in Bramley, who also stole from a home in Kew, was remanded in custody at the Alex Magistrates’ Court. He will reappear before Magistrate Renier Boshoff on 24 July.

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The suspect admitted to the crimes, which occurred at around 4.30am on 1 May. He was apprehended by the Bramley couple with the help of a neighbour and his security guard. Before they retired, the previous night, the couple ensured the house was locked and secured and switched off the lights.

When the wife woke at 4am, she realised the lights had been switched on and she heard footsteps inside the house. She woke up her husband and they both checked around. They found the kitchen door was wide open. They then saw the suspect disappearing into the darkness and gave chase, catching him as he tried to go over the wall into the neighbour’s home.

The neighbour and his security guard responded to the commotion and assisted in restraining the suspect with cable ties before the police arrived and arrested him. He was found in possession of the couple’s three cell phones, a box of jewellery, a bunch of house keys and vehicle keys as well as a wallet with details of someone in Kew.

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The victim was called to the Bramley Police Station where he identified the items as having been stolen from his home the same night.

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