#ICYMI: Lombardy East residents invited to a security meeting today

Daniel Venter of Lombardy East-Rembrandt Park Blockwatch with Captain Mohlaume Mamabolo.

Residents of Lombardy East are invited to attend a security meeting on 6 September which is aimed at discussing safety in the suburb.

The meeting will be held at the Lombardy East Methodist Church on the corner of Queen Alexandra and Wellington roads.
Kenneth Collet, a member of the Sandringham Community Policing Forum, said Daniel Venter of Lombardy East-Rembrandt Park Blockwatch, and Captain

Mohlaume Mamabolo of the Sandringham Police Station will be attending. “The meeting is earmarked to help retain security in the neighbourhood and this is an opportunity for residents to meet security companies’ representatives,” said Collet.

“We will also have Sandringham police give the community an update on crime statistics for the month of August.”

Community Policing Forum and neighbourhood blockwatch officials will also attend the meeting.

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