Scuffle breaks out between DA leader, Solly Msimanga and a Johannesburg resident


A hail of insults and vulgar language was used when Democratic Alliance’s Gauteng premier candidate, Solly Msimanga visited the City of Johannesburg as part of his 2019 election campaign.

Msimanga, who is currently the mayor in the City of Tshwane, visited the MTN Taxi Rank and the surrounding areas, engaging drivers, commuters and informal traders.

He talked about the prevailing issues that affect the citizens of Johannesburg and Gauteng at large saying much needs to be done to coordinate adequate services to the people.

Msimanga also shared his vision for the province if elected into the highest office as premier.

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The scuffle started when Msimanga blamed informal traders for the dirt lying on the streets of the city saying they are the ones who are mainly to be blamed, not Pikitup staff.

“You see how much dirt we have on the streets; they are the ones who throw it here, not Pikitup staff,” said Msimanga.

“We just saw Pikitup staff cleaning the streets up the road and we cannot blame them and say they are not doing their job. It is the responsibility of the informal traders to ensure that their surroundings are kept clean all the time.”

A man, supposedly homeless, who was standing by listening to the conversation came in defence of the traders against the premier candidate.

He claimed that the traders are not the ones to be blamed but the patrons who pass by and buy their products claiming they are the ones who, in fact, throw dirt on the ground.

“It is not them (informal traders); it is the people who come and buy their stuff and leave. After eating, they just throw their packaging on the ground.

“Even though, the traders are not supposed to clean here but you as the government need to do that,” he said but using a vulgar language in the process, which cannot be published.

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Msimanga exchanged words with the man and he blamed his language on ‘drunkenness’ saying, “The man is already drunk, so early in the morning.

“You see, this is a societal problem. The man is already drunk,” said Msimanga who was left shocked by the incident.

Msimanga went on to engage taxi drivers and even board a taxi to Ivory Park in Midrand where he engaged with communities on service delivery issues.

Solly Msimanga blames informal traders for not looking after their surrounding area.

Solly Msimanga blames informal traders for not looking after their surrounding area.

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