Car guard arrested for alleged stabbing

A 26-year-old car guard has been arrested after allegedly stabbing a victim in Johannesburg on 8 September.

Spokesperson for the Johannesburg Central Police Station Captain Xoli Mbele said that the incident took place on the corner of Kruis and Main streets in Johannesburg at 1pm.

He added, “It is alleged that the suspect stabbed a 35-year-old male. The victim parked his car and the car guard told him to remove his car [from where it was parked]. The driver refused and the suspect crossed the street to fetch a knife.”

It is said that the car guard then stabbed the victim in the upper body but was apprehended by a security guard who called the authorities.

The car guard was arrested and charged with assault with an intention to commit grievous bodily harm. He will appear in the Johannesburg Magistrates Court soon.

Details: Johannesburg Central Police Station 011 497 7535.

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