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King Edwards VII School opens new science pavilion and labs

Science pupil, Conner Scott displays a scientific experiment.King Edward VII School's choir opens the occasion with an African song.King Edward VII School's new science pavilion.Head of science Mia Peryper, chairman of the Victor Daitz Foundation, Sam Abrahams and headmaster of King Edwards VII School, David Lovatt.Pupils of King Edwards VII School in their newly-renovated science...

St Mary’s matrics excel

WAVERLEY – St Mary’s reap the rewards of a strong work ethic and an ethos of excellence.

Those kids can dance

All grades are involved and dress up in a wide range of costumes to perform for parents and fellow pupils.Pupils dressed in traditional clothing perform familiar cultural ceremonies.Grade R pupils impress the audience with their stylish dance moves.Dynamic dancers perform a Mango Groove song to the audience's delight.Older pupils show off their moves and their...

Pupils unite in diversity

Norwood Primary School pupils showcase their Xhosa traditional dance on Heritage Day.Norwood Primary School girls showcase their Zulu traditional dance on Heritage Day.Norwood Primary School pupils showcase their traditional dance on Heritage Day.Norwood Primary School pupils show their culture on Heritage Day.

Fireworks dazzle at On the Night

BREATHTAKING: The fireworks spectacular features a dazzling blend of music and lights.AT WORK: Mohammad Bagheri, Ali Soltani, Mehdi Bagheri and Shahram Yekta man the gates.NIGHT OUT: Leila Leaf, Inez Adams and Sabrine Leaf enjoy the spectacle.FESTIVE TRADITION: A magnificent fireworks display lights up the historic buildings of St John's College annually.CROWD-PLEASER: A large throng filled...