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Caring about nature

JOBURG – About two weeks ago, while doing a bit of tree felling, two little birds fell out of their nest.

Get on board

  When the City of Joburg announced the new restrictions on water last week, many residents went into shock. The sad reality is the announcement was really nothing new, but how the City plans to enforce it, is. It seems that some residents needed a bit of a reality check, and being threatened with a…

There is more to a person than their CV

JOHANNESBURG – Joburg can be a depressing place – not because of the weather, the condition of the roads or the colour of our buildings. No, Joburg can be a depressing place because of the harsh reality of unemployment.

Be a hero, not a victim

It won’t happen to me … five words that most Joburg residents have thought when witnessing or hearing about something horrific.

Voting is the only way to be heard

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has said 77 percent of eligible voters have registered for the upcoming elections.

Big city with small acts of kindness

A ward councillor in Joburg was on her way back from a meeting in Braamfontein when her car broke down. With her phone battery dying, she chose to post a message on her Parktown residents WhatApp group.

Do we only listen when damage is done?

After more than three weeks of illegal strike action by Samwu-affiliated Pikitup employees, it seems there is still no end in sight.

Kudos to Metro cops

JOBURG – Over the last few days, I have noticed Metro police officers everywhere.