Clubs and organisations

Norwood CPF- 078-014-2387

Bramley CPF – 011-440-8013

Impilo Child Protection and Adoption Services at 20 Leigh Avenue, Fairvale. Contact 011-640-1343

The Friendship Forum for Holocaust survivors, second generation, and those who lost family in the Holocaust, meets every six weeks at The Gerald Horwitz Lounge, Golden Acres. Contact Sandra 011-532-9721

Hospice Wits shop: Contact 011-728-1052

Jewish Women’s Benevolent Society:  Contact 011-485-5232

Johannesburg Child Welfare:  Contact 011-298-8565.

Lingo Links: Foreign language groups for conversation practice with mother-tongue speakers. Also English conversation for foreigners. Contact Helen 072-786-9961

The SA Guide-Dogs Association: Contact 011-705-3512/3/4 or e-mail [email protected]

The Union of Jewish Women: At 1 Oak Street, Houghton. Contact 011-648-1053.