Button up, cold front visits Gauteng

Gauteng residents can expect a cold front which brought snowfalls, rain, wind and cold conditions to different parts of the country in recent days, to hit today, the South African Weather Services said yesterday, reports The Citizen.

Speaking to The Citizen, forecaster Venetia Phakula said residents in Vereeniging and Johannesburg can expect maximum temperatures to only peak at 16°C, and 17°C for Pretoria. Contrary to what has been experienced over the last days, minimum temperatures are also expected to drop slightly today.

Johannesburg is expected to reach lows of 6°C, while Vereeniging is set to drop a degree. “We do, however, expect an improvement in temperatures from Tuesday,” she said.

Looking ahead, Phakula said no rainfall was on the cards for the remainder of the week in most parts of the country.

Yesterday, warnings were issued of disruptive snowfalls over parts of the Western Cape, Eastern Cape and Drakensberg Mountains.

According to Phakula, another cold front is expected this coming weekend, but she said early indications suggest it would be less severe.

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